For Richard Blair, he believes that every single person should plan a way to reach their financial goals over time. One step that he believes that should be taken is planning for retirement and getting to know wealth management. For Richard Blair, he meets with clients inside of the greater Austin area in Texas. By meeting with those in his community, he hopes that the members in the community will follow his roadmap to success by meeting set milestones.


For Richard, he teaches his members about the Three Pillar Appraoch. When this approach is followed, the clients who come to him look into their financial situations currently and what is needed for a successful retirement which includes a more holistic approach.

Clients begin to learn that the first pillar is the layout of the clients financial roadmap. This step will allow Richard to determine what steps need to be taken for the opportunity of growth to be determined. By identifying the customers goals, their risk tolerance and their strengths, the financial planning phase is designed as a way to help build a stronger bond between Richard Blair and his clients.


The second pillar or phase is to establish a clients actual financial goals. This is where enacted strategies are followed to customize to each clients needs. Their own unique goals are going to be actively managed and allocated to help capture the highest performance opportunities throughout the market movements.


Once he has determined what the customers financial goals and strategies are, he will work with them to provide for the growth and adequate liquidity for the client to reach maximum success. This is when he sits down and reviews their pillar systems. For Richard, this pillar means that monitoring is done with his clients and that implementation is put in motion for an upward climb from here on out. He will work to track the goals of his clients and to meet with them throughout the process to help work on expectations as well as goals.


A Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Austin, Texas is founded by the Wealth Solutions founder, Richard Blair. His goal is to help others have a positive and significant difference within their lives and those lives that they affect by helping to teach tools to his clients to reach a successful level of financial success for each individual, their families and even for small business owners.