Richard Liu Qiangdong is a popular Chinese businessman who is also one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the country. He is credited as the founder of, and today, he is trying to transform the country’s retail industry by introducing new developments and innovations.

Starting off as a small entrepreneur, he was able to change his life when the SARS outbreak came. In 2004, he began to transact online, and all of the contacts that he has before the SARS outbreak happened were kept, allowing him to re-establish his network. Richard Liu Qiangdong took advantage of his skills and started working with the people that he used to do business with.

When began in 2004, Richard Liu Qiangdong sold computer parts, just like before. Then, he started to invest in other items that can be sold in his online retail shop. He started expanding until he became the largest online retailer in the country. managed to generate an income of about $60 billion plus, and it is a testament as to how brilliant he is when it comes to managing his business. is also focusing on the offline retail sector, trying to go back to where his business began.

International investors are also working closely with Richard Liu Qiangdong, hoping that they can use his company to launch services like drone deliveries, among others. Robots are also used in warehouses owned by, working alongside people in managing the shelves.

The logistics department of also improved drastically, and now, they can transport items and other deliveries to many places in China in a short span of time. Many people from the big cities are happy with their services, saying that the items they ordered are delivered after a few hours.

Richard Liu Qiangdong said that the changes experienced in are just the beginning, and there will be many chances that the people should expect. is also investing in other ventures like researching for new technologies, helping the farmers from the rural regions, and raising new entrepreneurs who might want to join the retail business.

For, their services do not stop in becoming the top retailer in China. They wanted to contribute to the change in society.