Richard Shinto, also known as Rick, and Penelope Kokkinides are the leaders of InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC. They are the reasons behind the success of the company. Rick Shinto is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer and President. He has a long history in the field of medicine. Dr. Rick Shinto has more than 20 years of clinical healthcare in managed care. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer at Aveta Inc before it changed to InnovaCare Health. Then he moved on to MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., where he served as the Chief Executive Officer. He became the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operations Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company and the Chief Medical Officer for a healthcare company in California called NAMM.


Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Operating officer. She has and extensive knowledge and experience in developing clinical programs. Kokkinides has worked in many executive positions. In past years, she served as the Chief Operating Officer for Aveta Inc. and Touchstone Health HMO, Inc. She was the Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. She has more than 20 years in the healthcare industry, focusing on government healthcare programs (Medicaid and Medicare) and managed care. You can visit



In 2012, Dr. Rick Shinto was received an award called the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year. He was given this award because he showed greatness in many different areas like financial performance, showing a commitment to communities and other businesses, and his creativity.


InnovaCare Health is a leader in the industry that offers Medicare Advantage Plans. They provide physician and managed healthcare services to those in North America. They strive to provide quality care. They try to create cost-effective but long lasting versions of advanced technologies. They have 2 plans with Medicare in the government healthcare of Puerto Rico that they direct. They are apart of LAN, a union whose goal is to move the United States’ healthcare system’s payment versions ahead through quality instead of quantity. They are participating in the LAN global data collection endeavors. That’s how they plan on showing their support for the LAN’s goals.


InnovaCare is filled with professional leaders. They announced 3 additions to their leadership team on July 28, 2016. You can visit their Facebook page.



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