With a lot of success in real estate business, Samuel Strauch holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Hofstra University, New York. He also went to Erasmus University, Rotterdam, and even the Harvard University. Samuel began his career in the banking sector. But, he soon moved into real estate in South Carolina.

Later in 2002, he created his firm, one which continuously grows. He began his business since he noted that Miami City was shifting from a vacation location to a destination where individuals work and play. Samuel Strauch has been licensed and has an experience of about 14 years in the real estate business.

Mr. Strauch invests in a quite some restaurant and internet businesses. He also likes art and photography. To maintain his focus and give his brain a break, Samuel spends time in meditation. He also spends his time with friends and family members, and he enjoys it.

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The consensus among industry managers is that Miami did not suffer the worst scenario of Hurricanes and flooding because of different factors. Samuel, a long-time citizen and business entrepreneur in Miami indicates that Miami has taken years since restoring its level of infrastructure and planning to face issues like flooding in the low-lying neighborhoods, disaster clean up and power cuts. Immediately before the Irma made landfall in the state of Florida, there was a controversy that damage and devastation could halt the red-housing market. After some few weeks, real estate agents indicate that the slowdown may not that bad as earlier thought.

Samuel states that in his place and between his clients, the slowdown in the form of late closing dates. This is due to the transactions that were near to completion prior the storm are put on brakes as insurance firms and mortgage re-inspect the house and property for any storm damage.

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