The latest technology trends having been keen to disrupt the status quo in terms of doing business. With the latest technologies, another trend has been taking effect. More and more millennials are joining the sector. There is a big number of young entrepreneurs who are truly making a mark. One of such entrepreneur is Sawyer Howitt.


 Many young entrepreneurs are coming up with new business ideas that have never been implemented before. They have also shown a tendency to think outside the box as well as being accommodating to higher risk. Most of them have been declining to accept the old ways of doing business and are trying to introduce new ideas and different approaches in running of businesses. Many millennials are driven by a passion for succeeding and desire to create companies that generate quick cash flow. Learn more:


 In the ever dynamic business world, numerous opportunities remain to be exploited by the millennials especially when it comes to implementing new technologies. The current generation of millennials is surely set to bring a revolution in the business world.


Sawyer is a graduate of Lincoln High School. He is the perfect example of the rising millennials in the United States. Sawyer Howitt has shown great interest in learning how to operate a business successfully. His main interests have been on the aspects of operations and financing. Sawyer also comes up with unique ideas on how to go about customer service. He comes up with ideas that will create an interaction between the consumer and the product. Working for a product development company, Sawyer has learned the importance of developing products that consumers can relate with. Sawyer Howitt is the project manager of Meriwether Group. He helps other companies and startups come up with ideas of making their products appealing to the consumers, he encourages companies to adopt the latest technologies so that they can retain a competitive edge in their respective industries.



Sawyer Howitt is a nice guy who apart from his business priorities supports other community initiatives. He regularly donated to charity works. Sawyer also runs a mentorship program as well as being a leading women rights activist.Sawyer Howitt realizes that there is a benefit that comes with giving back to the community. He is a believer in the phrase that “the hand that gives is the hand that receives.” His philanthropic works are meant to help the less privileged in the society live a normal life just like anyone else.