Sergey Petrossov may not classify himself as a stable genius but he knows that it pays to pay attention to his heart and soul to really maximize his time on this planet. He knows that to be genuine and authentic that he must practice a level of self-awareness each day to understand himself better and better each day. He knows that the truth is that no has a proper 100% sense of knowing themselves, yet, one can improve and understand why they feel certain ways about cultures, forms of work, and different lifestyles. Some individuals may even think things about themselves that are downright wrong.

Most people can be distracted by what they believe themselves to be instead of what they are, thus holding them back from doing activities and living in a manner where they shine most well. Sergey Petrossov realized early on that it is not about impressing people but about living your best life and in having this realization he’s been able to work on applications such as JetSmarter that help people to get where they are going in a stylish and simple manner.

On his journey to working with people like Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian and others who have invested or have endorsed JetSmarter, he’s had to take things slow and steady, he’s had to play it smart to get to where he was going. He has had to keep a positive repository of his experiences, his expressions, his feelings, and thoughts, to move forward in a steady manner.

But what is interesting is how even leaders such as Sergey Petrossov may not really know everything about themselves, they may be further than others in understanding themselves but just as how one may drive around a lawn mower and use it for a while without knowing how it works, so too, is our dealings with our own minds and bodies. There’s a lot that we have to yet to learn about our own consciousness and life. Those around you would have some idea of how you react to certain situations, how you view the world, your stability, your level of reliability, and fallibleness. Sergey Petrossov has sought to work with mentors, with experienced people within the aviation field and has found out that by turning inward and seeking help outward, he’s been able to grow quickly.