Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of one of the largest food-processing firms in the world known as OSI Group. This organization maintains operations in numerous locations throughout the world. Heading up an organization as large as OSI Group demands a leader who is able to utilize the resources that are at his disposal. Sheldon Lavin has to use the most up to date technologies to stay on top of the trends and changes within the food processing industry.

Mr. Lavin started his career with OSI Group when it was still called Otto and Sons. His role in the company was on the financial side, and he eventually worked his way up to an ownership stake within the company. McDonald’s is one of the key partners of OSI Group, and that company was instrumental in motivating the success that Sheldon Lavin has had as CEO of OSI Group.

Mr. Lavin believes that the key to his business success has been his ability to look ahead and see what is coming in the future. This ability has allowed Mr. Lavin to be able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technological innovations and when it comes to securing the much needed supplies that his company requires.

Like many other successful business leaders, Mr. Lavin believes that a good leader has to have the ability to listen to those who are around him. He believes that it is necessary to build up a team of smart people so that they can provide a business leader with the information needed to grow the business into the future.

In all of his endeavors, Sheldon Lavin attempts to maintain humility. Having a humble attitude allows him to be able to listen to others and to learn from them.

One area that is of vital importance to Sheldon Lavin is having a vision for his company. At this time, Mr. Lavin has the vision to make OSI Group a company that is at the forefront of sustainability. He wants to make OSI Group an energy efficient company that is leaving behind a small carbon footprint.