Since the inception of Twitter, there has been many tweetstorms, but a few can match that of a seasoned investor, Shervin Pishevar. He took to, and for twenty-one hours he covered various topics related to the future of the United States Economy. He tweeted his thoughts on different topics and also made predictions that left people waiting to see if they would be true.

Talking of the stock market in the United States, he sees a decline. His bold prediction talked of the market seeing a trend whereby it would decline with six thousand points months in a row. Although many may wonder how it can happen this way, he cites issues like market volatility. Another reason is that the market has been on a successful roll for long and it could start declining. But Shervin Pishevar suggests that investors who do not know what to do in such a scenario should consider putting their money on precious metals and wait for the market to gain strength.

After touching the stock markets and giving his bold predictions, another subject was Silicon Valley. According to the great investor, companies in this region have enjoyed success for long, and they should start preparing to see tight competition from foreign companies. Shervin Pishevar advises companies to start looking at how they have been approaching things like training their employees, researching, marketing their products and services and their projects. He thinks some nations like China are doing their best and soon they can overtake different areas of the economy in the United States like technology and manufacturing industries.

Although he talked of the Silicon Valley and did stock market prediction, Shervin Pishevar keeps the door open in some areas like cryptocurrency. In his forecast, he sees the value of Bitcoin drop immensely but believes there is a chance to rise and even surpass the current value. Whether these predictions are true or not, Shervin Pishevar has created topics for discussion in the entire world. The buzz he created with his legendary twits is not dying soon. Shervin is an investor who has several successful companies under his name. In the past, he has made accurate predictions of the economy.