Online dating has pretty much changed the world. Check that, social media has pretty much changed the way we socialize as people and it has had staggering effects on our social world. If you have noticed anything about social media you will see that we are living in a saturated time of content where every little app that can be tied to Facebook eventually will. This has made people more connect in ways that only science fiction writers fifty years ago could have dreamed. In particular, we have seen the growth of online dating and the way it has evolved in front of our eyes.

It used to be that people were ostracized if they were found out for trying to make relationships online. Online dating was seen as something that only the most desperate would even attempt. I mean, why would normal people need to rely on a computer to meet a prospective mate? That mindset has changed dramatically over the past couple of years and not only have we seen a change in perspective, but also a change in practice. Nowadays people are so connected online and so busy offline that it only makes sense. One franchise has begun to rise to the top as a viable alternative for people who are on the go but still want to find love and that company is named Skout.

In essence what Skout is trying to do is pretty simple. They want to hook up similar people in an easy way so as to allow them to find either romance or simple friendship. Skout is a free application that can be purchased on the iOS store with possibilities for Android at a later time. You simply sign in with your current Facebook account or register with your email. From there you can fill out a profile with all of the basic details, including your gender and who you are interested in meeting in broad strokes. From there you are launched to the main screen.

The title screen for Skout is a grid view filled with profile pictures of who is online at the time. You can tap any of those pictures in order to extend a menu of new options. You can wink, send messages, chat, send virtual gifts, or even add them to your follow list. You can also peruse their feeds and, in general, start to craft an online relationship. Doing any of these actions costs points and points can be earned by performing other actions while in the program. It’s a simple system that encourages interaction and focuses more on the social aspect than anything else. There are no cover photos, customized layouts, or any other little distraction that pulls focus from interacting.

Skout is one of the fastest rising dating apps on the market right now and for good reason. With growing numbers, a smooth app, and a growing marketplace this might be the time for singles to hop on in and enjoy the new frontier of dating.