Autism Rocks is a charity founded by Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah looking to create a fund that will allow greater levels of research to be completed for those affected by autism. The establishment of Autism Rocks has led to a great deal of funding being supplied for the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University in England, which the invitation only concerts organized by the charity have allowed to take place. Sanjay Shah has seen his charity push on from its inception in 2014 to require new trustees to cope with its rising size and reputation; Sanjay Shah has chosen two friends to join the board in the form of brothers Will and Pete Best, reports.

Sanjay Shah founded the Autism Rocks charity after discovering his youngest son was affected by the medical condition, and found inspiration to assist the research and services needed to find different ways of coping with autism for those affected by the condition and their families. Shah recalled his love of music from his youth as the perfect way of raising funds through a series of invitation only concerts.

The Shah family made their way to Dubai to live the majority of their lives after Sanjay Shah had found success as a popular figure within the financial industry. Following the collapse of the global markets in 2009 Sanjay Shah decided a change of direction was needed and turned his back on what would have proved to be a successful career as a broker. Shah eventually formed Solo Capital as a way of embarking on his own financial direction, which would eventually allow him to move his business and family to the luxury of Dubai.

It was in Dubai according to globalcitizen that Shah formed the idea of establishing the Autism Rocks charity with the idea of staging a music festival, which would later morph into the current guise as an invitation only concert event. Pete Best has been brought to the charity as another financial expert to act as a trustee and active board member; Pete’s brother Will joins in a similar position, but brings a further level of musical experience gained through his career as a respected music broadcaster in the U.K.