Lime Crime is one of the most raved about make-up lines in the vegan world. 100% of the products are not only vegan but cruelty-free. There are many trends to go for, and the Venus XL eyeshadow pallet from Lime Crime will help you achieve any and every look that you want to accomplish this spring, and well into the summer. The pallet helps you create an effortless makeup look that will inspire others to be creative too.

The Venus XL pallet has shadows that are extremely buttery and fully of pigment. Any of the shades that you find in the pallet will help you to create the look that you want in a few swipes, giving you the pay-off that you have always wanted in a compact pallet.

1.The Multiple Finishes

The 18 colors that you can find in this pallet range from totally matte shades to act as a stable base shade to layer up the other shadows. People with the hooded eye shape will be thrilled to find the included matte shades. Luminous shades are included in the pallet that make you glow. These can be used as a brow bone highlighter and even an inner corner highlight. Ultra-shimmery shades are also included to give you options to play up an everyday eye look or to add a little extra “oomph” to a bold eyeshadow look. The good news is that none of the eyeshadows will give minimal to no fall out, keeping your makeup look clean without any budging or transferring.

2.Creating Spring and Summer Grunge Looks

From the rusty red colors to the berry pinks, and even to the matte and shimmery neutrals can help you achieve so many looks in one pallet. The 18 pigmented and non-fading eyeshadow colors that can be found in the Venus XL pallet, will inspire you to wear a dramatic and girly grunge look or a neutral and natural everyday look. This will emphasize all of your best features.

3.The Monochromatic Look

The Venus XL pallet has so many colors to choose from, but one thing that has become increasingly popular is creating the monochromatic look from varying shades. This is easily achievable with this pallet. The eyeshadows make it easy to not only apply the shades to the eyes, but you can also create a look that uses the shadows as a blush, and if you’re feeling super creative, you can mix the shadow pigment with clear gloss or even beeswax, and use it as a lip product as well. This will give off that monochromatic look with minimal effort, and it looks great for the spring and summer.

The Venus XL pallet created by Lime Crime is a wonderful pallet that has many achievable looks just waiting for you to create.