Flavio Maluf has experientially noted the current demand of high-quality steel for industrial uses. He has perceived how it may impact the environment in China. Correspondingly, Maluf has taken notice of the differential effects this demand may have upon companies internationally.


Current facts released by Mysteel states, how much one ton of iron ore would cost in denominations of Chinese yuan. For example, a ton of iron ore can have an increased value upwards of $18 more if the concentration levels are higher. Normally, a higher concentration of iron ore has a rate that’s at least over 61% in useable metal.


Also, there’s a significant difference financially when ore being mined has lower concentration levels. A near 18% drop in concentration levels, can equate to nearly $1 USD for every 1% that is lower than the highest levels of concentrated iron ore. It is important to remember that the cost of iron ore fluctuates.


Another major issue raised by Flavio Maluf includes how ore with higher concentrations of iron, produces more manufactured steel for industrial use. It has been scientifically proven that industrialized iron ore with lower concentration levels, can cause higher environmental emissions into the earth’s atmosphere. His observations include noting the increased industrial demand for steel in China.


Flavio Maluf is an avid entrepreneur, industrial engineer, and a lawyer. He graduated from the Foundation of Fundacao Armando Alvares located in Sano Paulo. In addition to his educational background, he studied business administration at NYU (New York University). He is Eucatex’s current company president. Eucatex has several offices located internationally and in Brazil. The company was established in late 1951.


During the latter of 1960’s till the early 1980’s, the company expanded to the UK, Mexico, United States of America, and other countries. Today Eucatex manufactures laminate floorings, varnishes, and paints. The company has grown significantly over the past sixty-five years. Eucatex exports their products to thirty-seven countries worldwide. Among their numerous accomplishments, they have earned international recognition. Eucatex is one of the 1st companies worldwide and the 1st company in Brazil to utilize eco-friendly materials such as eucalyptus.