Steve Lesnard is one of the most successful and knowledgeable entrepreneurs in the modern sports industry. His past experience has seen him as an executive with one of the world’s biggest brands in the athletic sphere and this experience has given him a unique set of skills that have helped him to understand exactly what it is that today’s consumers are looking for in regard to the sports industry. The way that marketing has been transformed in recent decades by new technology has been at the forefront of what has brought Steve Lesnard so much success in his field. It has allowed him to have great success at growing the brands that he has worked with. You could say that this massive success really goes back to Steve’s early life. It was during that time period that he first began to cultivate the knowledge that has allowed him to become so adept at understanding today’s consumers in the sports realm.

Sports were a major aspect in the life of Steve Lesnard from early on. He was active as a child in athletic games and learned many skills that he has kept with him throughout life. Steve also learned the value of hard work from his hard-working parents. This has been a value that has also stayed with him throughout his career. He grew up as a dual citizen of both France and Corsica and by the time he reached college age, he was able to travel to the United States and attain his MBA from Babson College. From there, he got his start in business within the fashion industry, but it wasn’t long before he was heading back to his true passion of sports.

The last couple of decades have seen Steve Lesnard working in the areas of marketing and product development within the sports realm. During that time, he has picked up a significant amount of in-depth knowledge in the industry and a deep understanding of how sports play a major role in the lives of so many. His personal love of sports has helped him along the way to gathering this knowledge and has helped to define his successful career.