Since its founding in 2005, Stream Energy has been doing a lot of things to reach out and give back to the communities. While many businesses are also doing the same, only a few are able to sustain it. Over the years, Stream has been keeping up with its promise and living up with its corporate responsibility. The company has launched various initiatives such as Stream Green and Stream Cares in order for it to reach out and give back to consumers. Let us get a glimpse about these programs and about the company.

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is the leading natural gas and electric energy provider in the US. It was founded in 2005 and has achieved record-shattering lifetime revenue of $8 billion. Currently, the company offers its products and services in different areas. This includes New York, Illinois, Delaware, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Texas, where it is one of the top ten energy providers. The company’s unwavering commitment is manifested through its concern to the people and to the environment, which is manifested through its Stream Green program.

Stream Green

Stream Green is an initiative pioneered by the company that promotes the use of renewable energy to lessen the overall carbon footprint. The program ensures that its Independent Associates and its consumers will greatly benefit from the initiative through the Stream Green energy plans.

These energy plans enable the Independent Associates and its consumers to offset their energy use by choosing renewable energy sources that the company offers like wind energy, hydro, and solar. Through this, more than 1000 kWh of energy can be offset. This energy is equivalent to around 212 trees planted for ten years. The Stream Green energy plans are available for residential and business use.

Stream Cares

Almost three years ago, Stream Energy introduced its philanthropic arm called Stream Cares. The foundation is closely working and supporting various local activities and organizations that are helping the communities. The support could be in the form of direct funding, events, or donations. Stream Cares has taken a major stride in giving back to the community during Hurricane Harvey. It worked with Hope Supply Co., to help those who were affected by providing relief to their homelessness.