Success Academy is a public charter school that has been working to provide students with the chance to truly excel at their academic careers. The school has demonstrated that they are committed to the students by providing them with a positive learning environment, making them a priority and teaching them the right way to make decisions. They have been able to show people that they are better than the public schools in nearly every way.


In the public school system, especially in New York City, it is hard for students to be in a positive environment. Success Academy puts this type of environment first and wants to make sure that students know that they are accepted. Success Academy also works to make sure that they only hire teachers who are going to have a positive influence over the children that are in the school so that they will be able to feel more comfortable with their lives.


In the public school system, tests are the priority. At Success Academy, students are the priority. Surprisingly, though, Success Academy has done better than public schools on every test that they have been compared in. This shows that the academy’s focus on students by making them a priority is allowing them to perform better overall. When students are tested at Success Academy, they are doing so just to measure the progress that they have overall with the opportunities at the school.


Charter schools were created to give students the chance at a better adult life. Success Academy preps them by allowing them to make many decisions on their own. While students do not necessarily run the school, they are able to choose things that they want to be included and have a voice in it. This allows the students to feel as thought they are a part of something and that their education is truly in their hands no matter what. The idea behind this charter school is that students will have a better life and will have more opportunities than if they were doing the same curriculum at a public school.