Susan McGalla has come a long way as a female entrepreneur, and a highly successful women executive in the corporate circle of the U.S. Susan McGalla has previously served as the CEO of Wet Seals Inc and as the President of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc. As an entrepreneur, Susan McGalla also started a highly popular and successful consultancy firm named P3 Executive Consulting, which helped companies recruit new talents from the industry and also provided them with the business consultancy services. Susan McGalla is a role model for many women who are looking forward to making it big in the corporate world. Susan McGalla has few pieces of advice for such women who want to climb the ladder of success in the competitive corporate world.

There is a need for women to understand that to make a career in the corporate world, the right educational background is necessary. Without a good education, it would be difficult to land a good job that pays well in the corporate world, and would also create obstacles when aiming to get positions in the executive circles in the corporate circles. Susan McGalla says that no matter what, women must complete their graduation and go for post-graduation as well. To ensure there are no hiccups on the way, the women should plan their finances well in advance to ensure they do not waste time or face any issues when going for higher education. Planning for higher education well in advance is a good thing to do as it would help in managing finance accordingly.

Susan McGalla says that once the women have entered the corporate world, they must focus on their performance and must build a support group of colleagues around them that would help keep morale high when things aren’t going that great. Susan McGalla also spoke about how the companies today must have mentoring programs in their organizations for deserving women, as it can help the women to reach for bigger and better positions in their career. Susan McGalla says that while women empowerment programs do its job of helping women indirectly, it hasn’t been able to cut through the glass ceiling problem yet, which is why the mentoring program can help tremendously.