With 20 homes in the United Kingdom located on the southeastern section, Sussex healthcare began in 1985. Their main source is to help residents with complications due to lesions that attack is spine, traumatic injuries and motor neuron disease. Inside the facility which runs 24/7, they have experts waiting and available to assist. Sussex healthcare has a staff that is very well-versed in conducting sessions that involve aromatherapy, reflexology, and hydrotherapy.

The company has been recognized by two prestigious organizations in the industry for their work. Career reports reveal that in the past 10 years there has been a huge demand for home health aides. Since the nurse shortage, medical centers have been affected tremendously. The market has seen only 16% or less of an increase in home aide jobs even with the on going demand. During 2010, there was a 35% increase when it came to at home average costs. It is noted that the home health aide industry will climb by 12% in the next five years.

10.8 million individuals in the United Kingdom will eventually need personal care. The company is outfitted with skilled professionals that know how to conduct evaluations and get results. Their process involves gathering as much patient information as possible about the resident. This may include asking them questions about their prior care, what their state of condition currently is and a progress report on their mobility issues. The goal at Sussex healthcare to develop strategies that deal directly with solving individual symptoms and continuing to understand their situation.

Group sessions using hydrotherapy can provide residents with reduce soreness in hands, enhance their flexibility, give them strong joints and most of all, piece of mind. Sussex healthcare has activities where residents enjoy crafts that ultimately provide them with a creative outlet. These sessions can assist in decreasing joint issues in hands and strengthen the memory.

Reflexology at Sussex healthcare offers residents ongoing massages. This activity helps with stiff in frigid joints and painful migraines. Massages allow for hormones to increase therefore enhancing energy, build focus and altar bone density. All treatments create natural compounds.