Healthcare has gotten a huge boost of improvement thanks to Shariz Boghani, Shafik Sachedina, and Amanda Morgan-Taylor. The two men are the creators of Sussex Healthcare, while Morgan-Taylor is the CEO. All this came about because of the need to take good care of the elderly and the disabled. After all, these are people who had the strength once to help shape their country’s economy and possible even served as ranking officials in the armed forces. So it would be fitting that someone would serve them and do an outstanding job of getting them the care they need.Sachedina and Boghani came up with the brilliant idea of Sussex Healthcare which started as only one facility.

Once the idea caught on that seniors and the disabled could get quality care for their health conditions, that one facility grew into 20. Today Sussex is a very large network with several locations. There is excellent staff available to meet every patient’s needs. No one has to go without receiving the proper treatment that they deserve.Part of the reason that every patient is in excellent hands with Sussex is because of the professionals that interacts with them on a daily basis. The company has its own training academy that provides classes for new hires on how to care for the patients. Without that academy, Sussex Healthcare would not be what it is today.

That is not all they offer. Employees also receive perks such as free uniforms, staff bus service, meal subsidies, a huge discount on senior care, paid holidays, extra pay for overnight shifts and promotions. Of course, the promotions come when employees have gone through additional training at the academy. All employees that work for Sussex Healthcare are taught to go above and beyond to give all of the patients the care they deserve. No short cuts are taken.There are available positions in this health network for experienced people and beginners. You can come be apart of the Sussex Healthcare network and enjoy the benefits of caring for other people. Come and join an award winning team.