Mike Baur is the co- founder and CEO of a company known as Swiss Start Up Factory. Together with other partners, Mike Baur started the Zurich based accelerator company to help the upcoming digital entrepreneurs. The company organizes programs that last for three months. The program provides the entrepreneurs with coaching, financial support, mentoring a real working space at an ideal place in Zurich town. The businessmen are also an entrepreneurial network to help them thrive in their new ventures. Since it was started in 2014, the company has changed the lives of many businessmen in the world.


In January this year, Swiss Startup Factory decided to partner with an institution known as CTI Invest. The partnership will be a good way to improve the Swiss Startup Ecosystem. Mike Baur, the founding partner of the Swiss Startup Factory, has been given the position of deputy managing director for CTI Invest.


Mike Baur has a lot of experience in the finance industry, and he is believed to be the successor of Jean Pierre, the managing director at CTI Invest. The two teams have also appointed Jean Pierre to become the managing partner in Swiss Start up Factory. This decision will affirm the relationship between the two companies.


After the partnership, the two companies will work together in several ways. First of all, they decided to launch a public website. The site already contains videos and podcasts from the Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup will also be expected to support their new partner in co-organizing special events and training.


CTI Invest is projected to offer its support to Swiss Startup Factory especially in preselecting, the Demo Day for the investors and coaching. Under the leadership of the Jean and Mike Baur, the two companies are expecting bigger and better results at the end of the year. Mike Baur has worked in the finance industry for over two decades, acquiring the expertise and skills needed to excel. He is also well educated, having graduated from some of the best schools in the world. He has always had a vehement passion for the industry, and he has facilitated many changes in the country.

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