Since its inception in 2007, Talk Fusion has managed to climb the ladder of success in the video communication industry through the creation of innovative and revolutionary products. Recently, Talk Fusion found itself in the headlines again for launching the latest upgrade to Video Chat, which is the company’s two-time award winning application. The newest upgrade adds new features to the app in an attempt to increase communication efficiency for users and aid them in building their businesses.

The added features including easier to access contacts and group chats give users a chance to talk, text as well as keep instant track of their team members. Combining such features with its sleek new look, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly experience makes the Video Chat app a product to reckon with in the video communication industry. As so, Video Chat is recognized as the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year and 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year.

Why Video Chat Stands Out in the Market

Video Chat is a free application that can be shared between mobile devices without the need for signing-up or account registration. It also facilitates universal communication, as both Android and Apple users can easily connect on a similar platform. Video Chat users can chat face-to-face through any device.

Non-Talk Fusion account holders also have the opportunity of enjoying the numerous benefits of Talk Fusion. They can log in as guest users, which allows them to create, share as well as join video chat rooms to interact and network with other users around the world. Video Chat also boasts as an ad-free application .This aids in avoiding distraction of users from focusing on their conversations.

Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has established a reputation as a global provider of video marketing services and solutions. It has also displayed a strong commitment to facilitating business growth as well as changing lives through patent-pending, proprietary video technology. Talk Fusion’s success is attributed to its marketing and sales workforce that is spread out in over 140 nations around the globe. Independent associates utilize a person-to-person strategy to reach out to clients. Talk Fusion prides itself on being the company that introduced the globe’s first Instant Pay Compensation Plan. For more information about Video Chat Visit: