There are hundreds or even thousands of people every day experiencing depression. Depression is not a joke and should be treated. Depression can start with just a particular experience that can trigger one’s mental health. Sometimes the best therapy of one bad day is a simple talk or advice maybe by someone dear to you or even someone you do not know. Communication is the best grounds and medium to reach out and belt out your feelings. It is fulfilling to be able to say what you are feeling and what your ideas and thoughts are. At the same time, it is also great to also receive feedbacks, after all, that is the main essence of communication – sending messages and receiving feedback.

In the world of advancement in technologies and the likes, mobile phones are handy tools for communication and entertainment. At present, mobile phones can download applications to suit your needs. Some applications cater to your shopping, education, business, personal and now even for health. For health, there is now an application who can be your handy therapist when you need one.

Talkspace is an application which can help you when you are in need of a therapist. You need not, go to an office and spend less time traveling. With just one click, TalkSpace can be able to help you feel happier when you are feeling down. Currently, there are more than 500,000 people using the said application which is supposed to be based in New York City.

In their website, Talkspace provides blogs which can help you understand your situation or thoughts. An example of these blogs is a blog which talks about how sleep can affect mental health. The blog states that if a person has a lack of sleep, it can trigger defects on the emotional signals of the brain.

Talkspace had helped a lot of people to become happier. It also had helped people be vocal about what is on their mind and even able therapists to connect with people in need.