Ted Bauman is not your usual man in a three-piece suit. No, Ted Bauman has always appreciated the person on the very low level of society and business and says, “How can I help?” He had worked through the years beginning working at fast food restaurants when he was young and now writes excellent financial advice with Banyan Hill Publishing. He is sharing what he has learned along the way from starting businesses and working hard in helping others. Ted Bauman presently writes the Bauman Letters. The Bauman Letters is a newsletter with financial investment advice for everyone.

Ted Bauman finds unknown little strategies and shares them with the public to help others get wealthy. Some really excellent advice from Bauman is where to keep assets safely so that your savings do not get destroyed by something like a natural disaster.Ted Bauman’s suggestion is to get safety deposit boxes at both local and foreign banks. You can also protect your assets in private vault companies in the United States. Unlike banks, the private vault companies do not have to send your personal information to the government unless they are court ordered to do so.

This way, you can maintain some privacy in this ever public world we live in right now. Ted Bauman is a man to listen too. He has excellent ideas about becoming free in this free world we live in. When you think there are policy and problems in the world of investing, Bauman will help you feel free in the sea of regulations. Bauman has global experience and will continue to lift people up who are looking to secure themselves in the world. It is not always about getting rich, it is about being absolutely smart with what you get. Bauman inspires people to protect their assets and live a secure life.