Fearless swindlers with a great plan had interest in a Venetian townhome located in the Calle Larga Mazzini. The third floor held the item of interest, and they used the ruse of being painters for the second floor apartment directly below it. The group used the ceiling for placement of plastic explosives and did the same to the boathouse ceiling located below the building.

When a switch was flipped the explosion dropped the safe into a boat and it took off. This is a scene from a movie but it could happen in real life to personal information. View Ted Bauman’s website at https://tedbaumanguru.com/

Importance of Protecting Personal Information

Who wants personal information? Govenment bodies with the habit of violating the right to privacy. The rights to privacy under the Fourth Amendment do not go with you when you cross the Mexican border. Your files can be copied freely by ICE agents around the world.

Personal data collected by private companies is stored on servers that hackers might be able to compromise. Websites sell your information and the magnetic strip on your ATM card can be used to get your information without your knowledge. Person information should be protected the same as physical assets. There are seven tools that can help you and two concepts to help understand them.

Encryption of Files

Information has to be transformed into digital characters to make it secure. Scan documents and save as PDF files stored on your computer. Back the files up and place it in a safe with a network connection that is built in. The files are stored in the cloud where it has been encrypted so that in the event the safe gets stolen the files are not lost.

Strong Passwords

A passpharse is better than a password. It takes longer to guess, millions of years longer actually. Passwords are easier for computers to hack.

The Tools and Apps

There are seven, i-Account, Paypal, Google Wallet, Windows and Mac Encryption, Apple Pay and Other Apps. The payment app is an example of one of these other apps which eliminate the need to use an ATM card that information can be gotten from. Payment apps allow you to use your cell phone screen to make payments, once you show the phone screen the app you will enter the amount and it will come up without having to use a machine. Visit medium.com to learn more.