When Israeli-American Adam Milstein told his then teenage daughters that he wanted them to marry within the Jewish faith, they asked why and pointed out that he himself had never lived a particularly religious life. As a consequence of this conversation, Adam Milstein left a successful career as a commercial real estate investment manager and he and his wife Gila created the Adam Milstein Family Foundation, dedicated to promoting Judaism in general, and Israel in particular.


Through their foundation, the Milstein’s have supported a number of pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli organizations, including those on university campuses. These include the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Sorority, whose stated mission is to maintain unity, support, and awareness, and provide Jewish experience. The sorority supplies a place for university women to grow within their Jewish heritage and generates authentic Jewish experiences in an effort to develop leadership skills among American Jews.


The Haym Salomon Center, a Jewish think tank cultivating and disseminating news that counters anti-Israeli bias and is frequently overlooked and even disregarded by the mainstream media.


Scholars for Peace in the Middle East is an international group of scholars upholding scholastic reliability pertaining to the Middle Eastern conflict involving Israel. They maintain standards of debate, scholarship, and dialogue in the search for knowledge that can withstand coherent and rational analysis. The group works to take the politics out of collegiate debate in Middle East Studies. They do this with research and dialogue that facilitates solutions to university incidents of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.


NCSY, owned by the Orthodox Union and previously known as the National Conference of Synagogue Youth, is an Orthodox Jewish youth group that uses social and recreational groups to help students establish Jewish activism. Founded in 1954, it promotes and strengthens the connection between Jewish university students and the nation of Israel and helps them to develop their leadership potential. Read This Article to learn more.


Through these organizations, Adam Milstein seeks to strengthen the ties between the United States and Israel and promote the Jewish identity of students on American college campuses.


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