Mr. Troy McQuagge award as the CEO of the year in the One planet award has increased his popularity and fame globally. An award from the one planet is one desired by many since it provides a platform for companies with outstanding professionalism in the world of business to shine and be recognized globally. When going on stage to receive the highly coveted award, Mr. Troy was delighted and went on to state that the award itself was not only in recognition for his efforts but also the many USHEALTH workforce under him. In addition to this, he further said that the award was also a testimony to the company’s continued commitment to fighting to ensure that people can be accorded affordable healthcare insurance through their innovative and moderately priced covers. Read the article on Troy McQuagge is Slated to Head USHEALTH Group, Inc.

In 2014, Troy McQuagge got elected CEO of the USHEALTH group which is an insurance company found in Texas. The company aims in providing quality insurance products and excellent customer services to small business owners and self-employed.

The year 2010 saw Troy join USHEALTH and through his hard work and dedication, he has been able to facilitate the company to realize more profit due to the increased sales that have been rising steadily. His success at the company did not come as a shock because of his accumulated knowledge and skill that made him an experienced person in performing his work.

The task of gearing the company towards realizing more profits first begun by him restructuring and rebuilding the firms’ distribution agency that is the USHEALTH advisors. This method of approach had a huge impact in enabling the company to distribute its products with minimum challenges efficiently. It was this that gave Mr. McQuagge a chance to be elected to the helm of the company making him its President and the Chief Executive Officer. His other strategy of seeing the company become the success it is today involved him targeting his insurance sales to people under 65 age limit.

Mr. Troy McQuagge’s impeccable career as a salesman in health insurance begun way back in 1983 when he started working for Allstate insurance. After working for the firm for many years and acquiring the sets and skills that would finally facilitate his rise to the top, he moved to UICI Health Market.

Originally Mr. McQuagge is from the city of Panama, Florida and has years of experience as an entrepreneur and a cooperate executive. He also has an excellent educational background that saw him attend and graduate from the University of Central Florida. His career in sales spans over three decades. Presently, Mr. Troy resides in the State of Texas, Coppell town working as a US Health Adviser in addition to his role as the President and the CEO managing the firm’s profitability through sales.

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