The Manse on Marsh facility has made a big name for itself, and is not only one of the leading assisted living communities in California, but the entire nation. Manse on Marsh calls home to San Luis Obispo, in a beautiful location that offers many attractions for residents. This company has managed to pull in an impressive amount of positive reviews and high ratings, which can be seen on, and it what ultimately earned them the Caring Star award, which is only awarded to the facility that abides by the highest standards possible. Manse on Marsh impressively won the award for two years in a row now due to their passion for their work.

Manse on Marsh is an independently owned and operated facility, and is accepting of all clients within the surrounding areas, regardless of conditions or backgrounds. Because many of their residents, past and present, were leaving such great reviews, it opened up the door and allowed the company to be noticed even more. The award is noteworthy because only a facility with no negative complaints and a 4-star rating minimum can be nominated, along with several 5-star recommendations as well.

In the case of Manse on Marsh, they received a great deal of 5-star recommendations during the time of being nominated for the award. This is still nothing new for the facility though, as they have been proving excellent care for just around 10 years now, always going the extra mile for their residents.

The Manse on Marsh facility also provides their customers with one of the best care plans available today, not just because they offer medication management, meal reminders, grooming, laundry, transportation, and more, but because they allow their residents to choose what they want, and they don’t have to pay for anything they decide not to use. The staff is also highly dedicated, and nurses provide around the clock care to make sure every resident is secure and comfortable. By upholding these standards, it’s no surprise that the Manse on Marsh facility is becoming one of the biggest names in assisted living.