Known for their powerful lyrics and unique style, the Chainsmokers are a musical duo from New York. The members, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, talked about how they got started and why their music is changing electronic music in a recent interview.


Alex Pall wanted to be a DJ growing up. Pall formed the Chainsmokers with another DJ in New York City and initially made music as a side project. Alex Pall realized that he wanted to spend his life making electronic music. Taggart loved electronic music while in college in Syracuse and planned on moving to LA after college to try out a music career. When the other DJ of the Chainsmokers left the group, Taggart was introduced to Pall through the group’s manager.


He met Pall and they immediately hit it off, relating about the music they both listened to, their ambition as musicians, and the current state of electronic music. Taggart moved to New York and the duo immediately started creating music. They made electronic music their sole focus, creating music every day.


Even though both Taggart and Pall loved electronic music, they felt that most of the popular songs of the genre sounded similar. They felt that most contemporary DJ’s hid behind their music, never letting the audience get to know the musicians. This is where The Chainsmokers sought to be different. They decided to write songs about their lives and the things that happened to them, letting their listeners get to know them and giving their music an intimacy that other electronic music lacked. Go To This Page for additional information.


Unlike other electronic groups, they sing in their songs, such as in their new song “Closer” featuring Halsey. The band says that the reason they can do this is because they write their own music, instead of relying on songwriters. While they do sometimes use songwriters, they are always heavily in the writing, and each song reflects their lives and experiences. With their unique style and desire to push electronic music to new levels, the Chainsmokers are a musical duo that plans to keep making music that their fans love.


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