Alex Pall is a DJ from New York City. When he met Andrew Taggart in 2014, the two of them rose to fame as The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers didn’t always consist of Taggart and Pall though. Taggart joined the band when Pall’s previous partner called it quits. This change of membership ended up being incredible for the band. They are not a world-wide sensation, releasing hit songs on a regular basis.

In an interview with Interview Magazine post-release of their song called “Closer,” Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall went into detail about their past and how their future may look going forward.

The interview began with Pall and Taggart each giving their own perspective about their original introduction. The duo were introduced by a mutual friend, who was working for Pall as manager at the time.

“I was in college right before I met Alex,” Taggart explained. He traveled from Maine to New York City in order to meet Pall, and he is lucky he did. If he had hesitated on this decision, it is hard to say if there would even be The Chainsmokers.

The release of “Closer” marked a very special occasion for the group. Not only was it arguably their biggest hit to date, it also marked the first time either Pall or Taggart performed vocals. Previously relying on other guest vocalist to fill this roll, The Chainsmokers regulated themselves to the song writing and music making process. With Taggart as lead singer, the group can only prosper.

With this drastic change to the music making process also comes changes to the live show. Gone are the concerts where The Chainsmokers had guest vocals coming from loud speakers. Now, Andrew Taggart is there to perform the vocals for any artist that couldn’t be on tour. Since the release of “Closer,” a lot of The Chainsmokers songs feature original vocals from Taggart.