National Steel Car is the leading North America tank and railroad freight manufacturers. The company has maintained their position with the help of their CEO, Gregory Aziz. His strategies have led to the growth of this company. By the time he took over the firm, it was not in good shape. However, with his determination, he led to the company’s output multiplying to 12000 to 3500.The employee posts also increased to 3500 from 500.


Just like their CEO, the National Steel Car does not dwell in past successes. They focus on the making the future better. The company aims at remaining in the lead. It is also keen in maintaining quality products. Throughout its journey, it has been providing quality products.


The credit of the company goes to the staff and the consumers. It is through the cooperation of the many employees that the National Steel Car has stood. The company also values the opinion of the customers. It is in their opinion that the company understands their needs. This makes it easy to satisfy the customers.


Gregory J Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario. He began molding his career earlier by going to Ridley College. It was vital because a rich academic background is a key to good leadership.


In 1971, Gregory Aziz began working with the family business. Within 16 years of business, the firm was the biggest importing fruits and subsequently exporting the fruits.

In the 1980s he worked in multiple bank facilities. All along his dream was to make the Canadian Company the leading company in North America.


Apart from the business mind, Gregory J Aziz is a family man. Together with his wife Irene, they have two children. James Aziz enjoys spending his leisure with his family. One of their favorite activity is horse riding. See More Info Here.


He also engages in Philanthropy work. Not many people decide to give back to the society after they flourish. Gregory Aziz is exceptional. He has led the National Steel Car in donating to numerous charity organizations.


Due to his success in business, he is named as the most influential business person in Ontario. The residents continue to appreciate what he has done to the community. His wife Irene has also shown great support for his humanitarian work.


National Steel Car has received numerous awards. The company promises to provide quality products. Gregory J Aziz has not lost his determination in the 23 years he has been in National Steel Car.