After reading many positive reviews on sites such as The Krazy Coupon Lady and a foodie stays fit I decided to give fabletics a try. It seemed like a fast convenient way to build my workout wardrobe. Below is my experience with Fabletics.


When I first visited Fabletics I was prompted to take a short questionnaire. The short questionnaire asked a few questions such as what types of exercises I like to perform, where I like to work out, as well as what colors and patterns match my style. The questionnaire also asked my bottom size as well as my top size and bra size. Although it was a short questionnaire it was an in-depth way to get my personal sizing as well as my personal preferences.


Once I completed the questionnaire that brought me to the large array of Fabletics workout gear. I had an opportunity to see the amazing clothing pieces they offered as well as many different patterns and colors. After signing up for the VIP membership which cost $49.95 I was added to the VIP list. VIP members receive free shipping as well as two to three great athletic apparel pieces every month. Each month a new box will arrive with their new adorable colors and patterns. To skip a month or cancel I can simply visit the website between the 1st and 5th of the month. Canceling is fast, convenient and hassle-free.


After the first box arrived I was incredibly happy with the adorable patterns and designs. The zebra print leggings were both comfortable and very convenient to wear. They offered a great stretchy material that was perfect for a variety of different exercises. The tank top was not only stretchy and comfortable but it also helped to absorb sweat better. The stretchy comfortable bra offered some support but most of all added a bit of convenience for working out. I loved the comfort and convenience of the first box and was incredibly excited to continue receiving them. Each month a new box shows up at my door making it a fast affordable way to build my workout wardrobe. Aside from receiving a box each month, VIP members also have the option to buy specific items. Users can purchase extra leggings, extra bras or even extra tank tops.


Overall the quality of Fabletics was good but the design and patterns is what sets it apart from other companies. They offer a great line of leggings, tank tops, bras, long-sleeve shirts and even shorts and capris. Not only is Fabletics stylish but it is also fast and convenient.