Eric Lefkofsky has been a long supporter of multiple charitable causes across the world. Over the years, Eric has been able to come to the aid of people who need relief around the globe. Some of the regions that have benefited from his philanthropic efforts are in Europe, America and even Africa. In 2006 Eric Lefkofsky started his charity foundation known as the Eric Lefkofsky Foundation. The custodians of this organization are both Eric and his wife, Liz. The two manage the activities of the Eric Lefkofsky’s foundation making it a family run charitable institution.

The sole mission of the Lefkofsky Foundation is to champion and back various high-impact charity foundations. The foundation has also been investing in the research that is focused on creating a quality human environment that can enable the thriving of the human civilization. Other than these, The Foundation run by Eric Lefkofsky has made it its mandate to positively impact the lives of the local communities in which the foundation offers its services.

Some of the objectives of the Lefkofsky’s foundation include;

  • Ensuring access to education; the Lefkofsky’s foundation understands that some families face hardship when trying to access to education for their children. Knowing this, the charity has been offering Financial aid and has also created programs that will benefit the children from such backgrounds.
  • Promoting human rights; the foundation through various programs has been striving to ensure that all human beings regardless of their race or ethnicity get to enjoy the universal, unalienable human rights.
  • Proving better healthcare; over the years, the Lefkofsky Foundation has made significant investments in the research and development of various drugs and healthcare products with the aim of fighting and eliminating diseases which in the long run improves the quality of life.

Eric Lefkofsky is both the chief executive officer and founder of Tempus, an institution that has dedicated its efforts to battling cancer and providing comprehensive healthcare for cancer patients.

Eric is a well-known venture capitalist who has over the years developed entrepreneurial skills. He is a significant investor in disruptive technologies and other tech companies.