Igor Cornelsen may not be someone that appears in any bookstores when you go to look for investment information. He may not have any seminars that are being shown on PBS about handling your finances. He doesn’t have a radio show about investing either. For the general public, Igor Cornelsen may not be someone that is known among the masses. I have been fortunate enough to discover him because I browse the web for information on investing pretty regularly.

Igor Cornelsen may have been someone that the escaped the attention of a lot of Americans because he spent most of his life in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen worked as an investment banker, and he has been able to learn a lot about Brazilian culture. Anyone that is planning to consider Brazilian investing should definitely hear what Igor has to say. His investment advice is great for Brazilian investors, but it also serves as a great source of knowledge for investors in general.

I will be the first to say Igor has changed my perception on diversification. At one time I assumed that my portfolio was diverse because I had different industry stocks on angel.co. Igor helped me gain a greater perspective. I realize that diversity can come in greater forms when one can considers stock outside of his own country. Before I considered his investment tips I never had any desire to invest outside of America. Now that I have learned that the return on investment can be substantially higher on stocks in other countries I have become a true fan of global investing.

Igor Cornelsen has given me the ability to think outside the box and challenge my previous theories on how I should build my portfolio. I know now that there are index funds in America and Brazil. Thanks to Igor Cornelsen I am also aware that there is a lot of Brazilian property that I can invest money in and get everything that I need to build a successful portfolio.

It is rare to have someone like Igor that can provide free advice. I have read tons of books on investing, but the paragraphs that he has constructed on investing have been just as valuable. In many cases the short tips that he has given have been a lot more valuable than unnecessarily lengthy books that I read on investing.

The world of vesting is changing all the time because there are a lot of industry players that are gaining ground. I have always preferred technology stocks, but Igor has given me a vision for Brazilian raw material stocks.I would’ve never considered the value 8 months ago, but he has helped me to realize the rate of return with raw material companies in Brazil.

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