Alastair Borthwick is one of the most famous people who has been known through time as writers. In the year 1939, he wrote a novel by the name Always a Little Further, but he is not only remembered for this. Alastair is also remembered for the roles that he played before World War 11. He comes from Scotland and is very popular among people as a writer, and a broadcaster. His works have a tendency of affinity with the Scottish working class. Alastair Borthwick left school at the age of 16 and went to become a copytaker of the Evening Times. At first, his duties were diverse because of the limited number of employees in the company. In 1935, he went to work in London for The Mirror, and after a short while, he joined the BBC. This is where he found his home in the world of media, and this helped him with his writings.

In the effort of the World War 11, Alastair signed up for the war against Germany. He rose to ranks of Captain serving as the battalion intelligence officer. In the world of writing, Alastair focused his novels on two distinct fields. On one field, he fixated on the time that he spent mountaineering in the Scottish Highlands. For instance, his book, Always a Little Further, is a story that is full of humor and adventure.

On the other hand, Borthwick recounts on the stories of experiences in the battalion. His writing career focuses on his own life experiences both in and out of the war. Previously his works were not accepted to be put in print, but after his first book was published, none of his works was ever rejected.

Alastair Borthwick passed on in the year 2003, but his works remain highly regarded among the Scottish people both in war and in the field of writing.