With over 65 facilities located in 17 countries, the OSI Industries has grown to be a global company with its branches already operating in three of the world’s continents. The company has been in existence since 1909 where it started as just a small family business in Illinois before growing rapidly over the last century to be a leading value-food supplier in the world. As a top global company, OSI Industries further has provided employment opportunities to over 20,000 employees who work in their facilities. In addition to this, the company is ranked as one of the largest privately owned business in America as it offers unparalleled products in terms of quality and quantity among its counterparts in its sector.

How OSI Industries has Transformed Over the Years

OSI Industries has undergone through a series of transformations from the time of its inception when it was started by a German immigrant in 1909. The founding father, Otto Kolschowsky began a business in his local town before expanding to the nearby suburb in Maywood, Chicago. His business continued doing well and would later upgrade to become the Otto & Sons Company besides earning a high reputation for offering quality meat in its region. What’s more, with the company’s rapid expansion in its business, it would later go beyond its locality by making huge strides when they partnered with McDonald’s franchise through a businessman who was known as, Ray Kroc.

Furthermore, in 1973, the company afforded to open its first plant that was designed to produce large quantities of meat where it was based in West- Chicago. The machines were developed to produce meat patties whereby they would give them a unique design and had tunnels for freezing the meat using liquid nitrogen. It was at this point, that the company again rebranded in 1975 to its current name, “OSI Industries.” Besides, since 1990, the company has further partnered with a number of other businesses such as Alaska Milk Corporation, General Million Corporation, and other food businesses in other countries such as India and the Philippines. Additionally, the company, which is headed by David McDonald, has also acquired Flagship Europe and Baho Food for more business coverage in Europe.