Michael Burwell has been appointed as the chief financial officer for Willis Towers Watson. The company provides advisory as well as broker solutions for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors. Mr. Michael Burwell replaced the outgoing chief financial officer, Mr. Roger Millay, having retired in October 2017.


Background Look


The management of Willis Towers Watson stated their excitement regarding Mr. Michael Burwell’s appointment. According to the chief executive officer of the company, Michael Burwell has vast experience in the industry of finance, and he is expected to deliver beyond their expectations. While addressing the crowd at the election event, John Haley continued to state that Michael Burwell strength lies in his keen focus on clients, an aspect that only an experienced leader can possess.


The New Role


Regarding his new appointment, Michael Burwell expressed his gratitude to the company. He additionally stated that he would offer quality service in his capacity as the new chief financial officer. Since he has been a leader for many companies including Global Transformation and PwC, Michael Burwell will offer quality service.





Michael Burwell has garnered experience in the field of finance for over a decade. Burwell’s experience made him a suitable candidate for the job post. Moreover, he has held senior leadership positions in different companies. Aside from holding these leadership positions, Mr. Michael Burwell has helped many companies to develop their operating portfolio. His experiences and contribution indicate that he has been assisting many companies in America to handle their financial concerns. Thanks to his past experiences, Willis Watson Towers is now on the right path to deliver unmatched financial services to its clients.





Michael Burwell was a studious student in school. He attended Michigan State University after considering numerous options. Since he wanted to pursue a business-oriented course, he settled for business administration. Michael Burwell knew that this course would open various career channels at his disposal. He has never regretted the decision. Visit This Page for related information.





Michael Burwell’s success story reflects his commitment to succeed in multiple capacities. Throughout his career, he cultivated the virtue of persistence. That is how he gained the experiences he has as a financial guru and an editor. Michael Burwell attributes his success to preparedness and commitment when handling projects.



Additional Information


Mr. Burwell’s character is an accurate reflection of some of the virtues a leader should have when holding leadership positions. He built an impressive resume that earned him top executive positions in international companies. Besides, he is committed to success and puts in a lot of work to achieve it.


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