Thor Halvorssen is becoming a well-known face and name for millions of people around the world who have seen the New York-based human rights activist appear on some of the world’s best-known news media networks. Both the writings and personal appearances of Thor Halvorssen have brought him to the attention of people who would possibly never have considered human rights as a major issue in the 20th century.

The varied work of Thor Halvorssen can be seen in many different areas of the media, including the many different productions he has worked on in the film industry that now stretch from documentaries through a later focus on science fiction. Born in Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen also hopes to make sure those who hope to create films highlighting human rights issues have the opportunity to do so through his own Moving Picture Institute initiative; this charitable group provides funding and mentors for films that may not normally be made because of controversial human rights based subjects.

In his work as a film producer, Thor has also looked to develop a number of documentaries reflecting his own interests in human rights activism that have won awards of various kinds, including the impressive “Freedom’s Fury” documentary that was produced alongside major Hollywood figures such as Lucy Liu and Quentin Tarantino. There is much to admire in the work of Thor Halvorssen as a film producer, particularly in the work he has produced on difficult subjects like human trafficking and the left wing bias of many college campuses across the U.S. Perhaps the most impressive work yet completed by Thor Halvorssen as a film producer is “The Singing Revolution“, a documentary about the Estonian revolution that remains the most successful documentary in the history of Estonian box office records.

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