Todd Levine is an attorney held in high regard by his community of peers and clientele base. He has the awards on the mantle to show his skills, like the US News and World Report Best Lawyer in America Award for Real Estate prize he took home. Practicing commercial litigation with a specialty in commercial real estate, Mr. Levine is proud to have his name on the building as a founding partner in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida firm, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L. Beyond his law degree with honors from the University of Florida experience and skill as an attorney, Todd’s hobbies might be the superpowers that make him such a dynamic and unique litigator.

A guitarist since the age of 10 and an avid illustrator, Todd Levine is as much artist as he is lawyer. The same analytical mind that can retain obscure codes and laws to craft an adept legal argument also has a penchant for moving his fingers up the fretboard to form a melodious tune. These two skills aren’t as incongruous as one might think, Mr. Levine’s creative skills embolden him with the kind of creative thinking talents that enable discovery of unique legal arguments that sway the court and win cases. He’s a complex person and complicated cases are his specialty.

Levine’s skills have come into play when successfully settling disputes with those in the sports and entertainment industries. That unique combination of artist and attorney lend to Todd Levine having an edge over other otherwise perfectly skilled lawyers. Recognized as one of the top lawyers in South Florida, Levine’s firm has grown to the point of retaining more than 30 attorneys. In music industry terms, Mr. Levine has scored a lot of gold and platinum records in his career and the hits just keep coming.