Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that engages in the teachings of courses related to the Zohar and other Kabbalistic teachings. It is located in Los Angeles California and runs other branches in the world. The Kabbalah presentations started by Philip Berg and his wife Karen with the intention of teaching the same to devout students after the age of 40. It was founded in the USA in 1965 by Reverend Philip Berg, born as Feivel Gruberger together with Rav Yehuda who was from Israel. The first approach in the teaching at Kabbalah Centre is teaching students the knowledge of Jewish texts to

The Kabbalah teachings approach

Kabbalah teachings believe that some Biblical passages like the crossing of the Red Sea are codes to guide human beings in their lives; therefore, they are categorized as the rules of the Zohar. If one wants to gain an understanding of the universe, they should be concerned with the relationship with the essence of God, and not to be in a relationship with God as such. The nature of God is referred to as light.

The Kabbalah teachings have been passed down through many generations and have a deeper connection to the people and the universe. Its primary focus is to give people spiritual understanding in the thoughts and actions that it teaches. It believes that the more people are converted to becoming students of the Kabbalah, the more human souls will be interconnected in the world.

Teachings of the afterlife

Kabbalah teaches that the afterlife is more important than the earthly life. It teaches that Kabbalists should be the best versions of themselves in this life before death; hence, one has to fully contribute in all the aspects of this life so as to live fully as a Kabbalists. All the good actions are believed to be rewarded in the end.

Kabbalah teachings on clothing

Kabbalah has taught people that even clothes have a meaning. The simple act of clothing yourself in the attire you choose on a daily basis expresses and communicates what you find to be good and virtuous for yourself. Clothes are part and parcel of the impression you make, and they can help you to make the right connections as soon as one finds an interest in you through the clothing you choose.

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