Upwork is an extremely popular freelancing platform. The company is based out of San Francisco, California, and has been around since the beginning of the widespread digital age. They were founded in 1999 under the name Elance, then later merged with O-Desk, and become the modern entity known as Upwork. A recent blog post on Upwork discusses 10 tips for its users on how fully utilize a to-do list.

If a person is struggling with their to-do list, the solution may be as simple as changing their approach. First and foremost, write down everything you wish to do. This eliminates missing a task because of forgetfulness, while also having everything listed in a single place to reference. It is strongly encouraged to compose the to-list in advance, such as the night before. In addition, adding time variables can help with planning. Afterwards, commit to working on tasks for an hour first thing the following morning. Just completing tasks can help with a positive mindset throughout the day.

Naturally, the to-do list is very fluid by nature. An infinite number of outside interferences could throw off the entire plan. As such its critical to define what tasks take priority over the others. While also keeping in mind to re-evaluate your list as tasks are completed. If a tasks feels too big, break it up into smaller parts. A to-do should be designed to be as stress less as possible. Knowing how much effort would be required and if certain tasks could be done together, is how a person can complete their list efficiently.

The daily grind can very from person-to-person, but a simple to-do can make life a lot easier. Having everything you need to accomplish written down acts as a guide of your actions each. It makes sure not a single second is waste and efficiently remains high. Completing tasks also creates a positive mental feedback loop. This blog very useful to the freelancers at Upwork.