US Money Reserve is always looking for new customers in the gold and silver investing industry, and one way they’ve done so is by building a bigger, better website with more visual aspects and more information for newcomers. US Money Reserve has one of the largest collections of gold and silver domestic and international mints and they sell both coins and bricks to store in safes.

The new website came about from wanting to cater to mobile users and let them have a more up close look at the precious metals photos. And US Money Reserve has also made their customer service more accessible through live chat.

US Money Reserve was also the company behind the 2016 Gold Summit held during the election cycle. Speaking at this event about the principles behind gold and silver investing was Philip N. Diehl, the current President of US Money Reserve and former Director of the US Mint. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Diehl had an ecommerce and live customer service advanced platform built at the US Money Reserve’s website back in the 1990s, and the sales and expense cutting he was able to accomplish at the Mint made it one of the most profitable government bureaus of its day. US Money Reserve embellished much of the practices of the Mint, so Diehl chose to join them upon his term at the Mint ending.

One of Diehl’s objectives as President of US Money Reserve is to help people better understand why they should buy gold or silver. The bullion purchased at this company is not for collector’s hobbies, but is actually a place where you can send your finances to when a financial crash appears imminent.

Any number of things can cause paper currency to crash, though the most looked at reason right now is the US national debt at around $20 trillion. Gold and silver are always in demand and will never have a value of zero, and when disaster does hit you should have them in your portfolio.

Joining US Money Reserve is easy as their website has signup forms for new customers where you can find out which bullion is right for you. You even have a free gold information booklet that can show you how you can move an existing IRA into precious metals. If you’ve read about the benefits and risks and decide you should invest in gold and silver, you can do so by going to