When Jeff Yastine, a 20 year, Emmy nominated journalist and hardened veteran of the financial markets, joined forces with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, the two created an asset for all stock market investors through the publication of Total Wealth Insider. With this publication and Mr. Yastine’s regular appearance on social media channels, Jeff yastine has been providing an abundance of information for stock investors about unique little investment opportunities and market timing strategies, and encouraging investors to increase their knowledge to increase their wealth.

Mr. Yastine approaches his research from an eye on complexities and the implications an industry upon the entire market. For example, his research into cybersecurity has been extensive and informative. Noting the vulnerabilities of the financial industry to various type of hacking and denial of service attacks, Mr. Yastine sees investments in cybersecurity as a profitable win win for everyone, increasing the security of technology and providing investors with handsome profits. With continued attacks world wide upon computer systems creating a high demand for secure technology, including compliance and biometrics, Mr. Yastine believes that the investment opportunities within cybersecurity will be a continuously profitable investment.

While cybersecurity has indeed become one of the most important topics in the financial world, it isn’t Mr Yastine’s only research project, Browsing through his medium.com channel (https://medium.com@jeffyastine), provides financial information and studies on a wide variety of topics such as gold investment, emerging markets and, Jeff Yastine’s latest view, the increase in mergers and acquisitions expected to occur during 2018. It is this abundance of information and thorough scrutiny of the facts which provides investment options for all types of investors, and his in consistent investigations within market fluctuations and their timing can help better predict wealth gains for investors that follow Mr. Yastine and the Total Wealth Insider.

With the 2015 creation of Jeff Yastine and the Banyan Hill Publishing Total Wealth Insider and the continually up to date information Jeff Yastine publishes on his social media channels, stock investors will continue to receive the timely information and research needed to build and secure wealth through the financial markets.