When discussing the world of entrepreneurship and leaders, Vinod Gupta has plenty of knowledge to provide on the subject. With 40 plus years of business experience, Vinod Gupta has a lot of credibility and expertise. Mr. Gupta was both born in India and grew up there. In 1962, his intellectual abilities were the impetus to allow him to get into the Indian Institute of Technology.


Vinod Gupta started to get the attention of his teachers and peers with his impressive intellectual prowess during his time in high school. Agricultural Engineering was the subject he studied while at IIT Kharagpur in India. After completing his college — earning his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering – Vinod Gupta emigrated to the United States, and decided to settle in Lincoln, Nebraska. Vinod Gupta chose to pursue the field of business management as well as engineering. Vinod worked hard to earn a dual masters from August 1968 through May 1971 at the University of Nebraska.


Indeed, in Vinod Gupta earned his Master of Science in Engineering in 1969, and in 1971 he earned his MBA. The Commodore Corporation was the company that gave Vinod Gupta his start in the position of Marketing Research Manager. Commodore Corporation was a mobile home developer that allowed Vinod gain a good idea of the amount of value that was involved in their database management efforts. View More Information Here.


During his time at Commodore Corp., Vinod was able to utilize a list of stakeholders (mobile home dealers) who were involved in the same niche as companies like the company he started out with just in the US. Vinod was able to put together approximately five thousand directories when it came to Yellow Pages. His current employer emboldened his idea to sell Vinod’s list to mobile home producers who could benefit from his work.


Over the years, Vinod has given back to the community and is especially committed to education; especially to Women’s Education. He acknowledges that its one the most effective tools of fighting poverty and as such has been very determined to grow education in India.


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