It seems like every beverage in the world has their own bottled water brand. Every grocery and convenience store has shelves of bottled water. Bottled water is everywhere and nearly every country is a major consumer of bottled water; Italy is the number one consumer.

Even though bottled water seems like the perfect item, not too long ago, bottled water was a joke. No one wanted to buy bottled water 30 years ago. Everyone could get free water from their faucets, and it was pretty much the same thing. Now, people know too much about faucet water and bottled water is cleaner.

Since billions of people rely on bottled water that means there are billions of plastic bottles everywhere. Plastic is recyclable, but no one recycles it. It’s shockingly terrifying to think about all that plastic just sitting somewhere, but it isn’t; it’s quickly polluting every corner of the earth.

Honestly, there’s probably more plastic floating in the ocean than there is fish swimming in it. Plastic is the greatest environmental disaster humanity’s ever faced, and that includes oil spills and poaching. According to some studies, there are millions of tons of plastic floating in the ocean and overflowing landfills.

As important as it is to address this issue, no one really cares. There are certain countries deliberately shoveling tons of plastic into the ocean. Even though there are organizations fighting against them, they’re doing it anyway with no regard for environmental conservation.

That’s where companies like Waiakea Water come into play. Waiakea Water decided to create a new type of plastic bottle to package their water in. They know people don’t care to recycle plastic, so they’re stopping the problem as high up the chain as possible. People still need to start recycling plastic, but at least Waiakea Water new bottles can alleviate some of the pressure.

Their bottles degrade in only 15 years, whereas regular or virgin plastic bottles take at least 1,000 years to degrade.