Two previous partners and workers at the Merlin BioMed Group Company, Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod have once again come together in the bid to make a positive touch and influence in the healthcare sector. This comes after years of working independently of each other since their Merlin Company wound up its operations in 2007.

Weisbrod, after the breakup, proceeded to form his own investment firm, Iguana Healthcare Partners, which majored on the provision of pharmaceutical products and medical implements. His competence in investments relating to the healthcare sector traces back to the 1970s through to the 80s when he acquired Masters and Ph.D. level of education in biochemistry. His professional background and competence made him to successfully run the defunct Merlin Group as well as nurture his startup company after the eventful dissolution of the partnership.

Gottlieb, on the other hand, also made some investments in the financial advisory markets after breaking up from Merlin. His short-lived company, Visium Asset Management, however, wound up its operations after a tumultuous season of grappling with the FBI over insider trading claims. This set him on the road to forming and managing another company, Altium Capital. Through Altium, Gottlieb has been able to purchase a 5.1% stake at Oramed Pharmaceuticals. Through Oramed, Gottlieb is currently focusing on the provision of biotechnological products to the healthcare sector including insulin capsules among others.

Oramed’s venture into the underexploited capsule-based insulin delivery system has enabled the company to weather the storms of competition and to successfully penetrate the market. Although the company is yet to receive the FDA approval on some of its biomedical products, the advances that have been made so far regarding product development give hope of a brighter medical future.

In other markets outside the US, Oramed is already doing exemplarily well. For instance, in China, the company received a major boost when the Chinese giant Wuzhou Zhongheng Group managed to invest $52 million amounting to a 10% stake. The company, through the management inputs of Gottlieb, is once again positively impacting healthcare and medical service provision through the development of biotechnology-based products such as medication. The two biotech giants, Gottlieb and Weisbrod are therefore sharing offices in the healthcare sector once again.