Every woman certainly has shampoo in their bathrooms. It is considered as the ultimate solution to clean hair. But, is shampoo really good for you? The no-poo movement says that shampoo doesn’t have any benefits beyond removing buildup of oil and dirt from your hair- Something that can in fact be done by other milder detergents. In fact, the use of shampoo is a disadvantage to your hair. No-poo enthusiasts like Wen By Chaz back this claims using research. They advocate going no-poo and here are some reasons for that.

Better retention of color

People who love colored hair often go through the frustration of color loss with every wash that uses shampoo. However, if no shampoo is to be used, there would be better retention of color. This is because, there are no sulfates to cause the stripping of color.

Reduced Hair Dryness

Shampoos lead to opening of cuticles, which translates to the loss of moisture. As result, this leaves your hair all dry. To keep your hair moisturized, it is better to go the no-poo way.

Less Scalp Irritation

Shampoos use harsh chemicals that often react with the scalp. This can lead to a lot of irritation. No-poo is a means of preventing scalp irritation associated with the use of shampoos.


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