WEN by Chaz Dean is a popular shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment that comes in one bottle and works for every hair type. Emily McClure who has fine, thin, and oily hair has reviewed this product on Bustle.com. This product has various version that promise different outcomes. Emily selected the Fig version because it promised to provide hair moisture, bounce and shine.

On the first day that Emily begun using WEN Hair, she was concerned with the recommended amount of product that she would be using because she did not want to weigh down her fine grade of hair. WEN recommends using 10-16 pumps of their product for short hair, 16-24 pumps of their product for long hair and 24-32 pumps of their product for long. However, while Emily was massaging the product into her hair in the shower, she immediately felt her hair thickening. She noticed the bounce and shine in her hair after she blow-dried her hair.

On day 3, Emily decided to use the styling products that she would typically use to style her hair such as heat protectant and texturing paste, after she shampooed her hair with WEN. Emily noticed her hair getting flatter throughout the day but she was not concerned because her hair typically flattens throughout her day. However, Emily did notice that her hair retained its shine and healthy appearance.

On day 7 of Emily’s experiment, she was happy with the results that WEN had on her fine grade of hair. Based on these results, Emily has personally recommended this product to people with fine hair. Emily recommends that you wash and style your hair with WEN Cleansing Conditioner every morning. Her hair looks healthy and retains a great shine and bounce throughout the day.

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