Dr. Chris Steven Villaneuva is the founder of MB2 Dental, which is a dentist-owned dental insurance firm that prioritizes autonomy, support, and personal growth. When asked where his idea for MB2 came from, Dr. Villaneuva stated that the only options for dentists at the time he graduated from dental school were to either start their own private practice or to join one of the larger group practices. Dr. Villaneuva wanted to do something that would blend both and lead to a much better dental practicing. When asked which strategy he uses over and over again, he stated that from the beginning, he wanted his business to be oriented toward people and not based primarily on the technology, marketing ideas, etc.

When asked what he would have done differently when starting his business, Dr. Chris Villaneuva stated that he would have started to work on the infrastructure much earlier than he did. He also stated that it was the cause of several of the resulting pitfalls the MB2. However, he said that the resilience of his employees and clients are what has seen them through the rough patches. Keeping the integrity of the business should always be the top priority. This means to admit mistakes and to follow through on fixing them. Being honest like that can be incredibly difficult for many people but Dr. Vallaneuva is a prime example of how that can mean the difference between keeping a business running and losing it. Similarly, another important lesson from Dr. Villaneuva is not to try to start a business with something that doesn’t lie within your passions. He admits that, along the way, he and three of his dentist colleagues believed that they were also going to become globally-renowned chefs and tried to open a pizza restaurant. However, he and his colleagues, more often than not, ended up eating most of the pizza themselves.

MB2’s success has been dependent mostly on focusing on progressive practice trends and standards, helping dentists to gain autonomy in their practices, and maintaining a youthful culture combined with experience. More than that, MB2’s staff helps dentists to overcome HR, legal, and any marketing issues that they sometimes face. MB2 is also technologically advanced enough to provide dentists with speedy marketing. They also host a twice-yearly Owner’s Retreat in which dentists from around the country can get together and network with eachother even further than ever before.