The Nestle Purina PetCare Company has almost 125 years of experience in providing pet and animal foods. William Danforth began the company in 1894 based on his belief that farm animals perform better and produce more if fed the proper nutrition. The company branched out from feeding farm animals to household pets in the 1930’s with the introduction of Purina Dog Chow. That food was so widely recognized as providing a well-balanced diet, it was recommended as the only dog food to feed the sled dogs on Admiral Richard Bryd’s expedition to Antarctica.

Even today, Purina Beneful invests millions in resources to ensure our pets get the right nutrition to keep them healthy. Animal nutrition is not unlike that of humans. We all need the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and essential trace minerals and vitamins to make sure our bodies have the raw materials to build, maintain and repair itself.

Beneful is a thoroughly researched pet food that is available in both wet and dry forms. In addition, is comes in a variety of package sizes and flavors. The main ingredients are real meats from beef, chicken, turkey and salmon. Real meat provides your dog with the best source of proteins that is used to build muscles.

While it was once thought that dogs only needed meat to thrive, recent research has shown dogs are like their two-legged companions and need grains and vegetables in their diets. Even the ancestors of modern dogs probably only ate about 60% of their diet in the form of meat. Beneful is full of corn, beans, spinach and other vegetables that provide vitamins and fiber. These vegetables and grains also provide carbs that supply your pup with the quick energy to play. Beneful can be counted on also to provide your dog with the essential trace minerals like calcium which is important for building strong bones or iron for making red blood cells.

Every package of Beneful is subjected to the highest quality control standards in the industry. Purina has made it a priority to make sure their manufacturing facilities are as green as possible. In fact, Purina has won numerous awards for sustainability in their manufacturing plants. In addition, Purina places an emphasis on their people and the company has been named as one of the best companies to work for in a number of polls. It is not just your’s or my dog Purina cares about. The company supports a network of over 1,500 shelters and animal welfare organizations, donating in cash and product over $10 million annually.

I can tell my dog likes Beneful. He eats every mouthful I give him, then begs for Beneful treats. I like Beneful because I know it provides him with a balanced and complete diet, and the company treats its people and the pet community right.